PSAT Graphing Calculator Programs

  1. Download and install TI Connect software.
  2. Connect your calculator to TI Connect.
    1. Turn on the calculator and plug the USB cable into the computer and calculator.
    2. Double click on the TI Connect icon.
    3. Click on the DeviceExplorer icon and select your calculator.
  3. Download Quadratic Formula program to the desktop.
  4. Drag and drop the folder on top the TI Connect icon.
  5. In TI Connect, click to Send to TI Device icon.
  6. Click “Select Your Device” at the top of the window and select your calculator (make sure your calculator is on).
  7. Click “Send To Device” at the bottom of the window.

Follow steps 3-7 with these other programs

  1. Unit Circle
  2. Vertex Form of a Parabola
  3. Area, Volume, and Other Measurements of a Variety of 2d and 3d Shapes
  4. Factored Form of Quadratics
  5. Area of Polygons with any number of sides
  6. Completing the Square

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