Research Paper Requirements and Resources


  • Write a paper providing the scientific background to explain what is going on in your experiment/project.
    • Explain the concepts and terms for understanding your experiment/project.
    • Give a brief history of how we came to develop this area of science.
    • Try to answer all the questions that you may have (or that I may have asked you on your science fair assignments so far).
  • 500-750 Words
  • Introduction with thesis statement, body paragraphs with topics sentences, conclusion, and works cited.
  • Double-spaced, Times New Roman
  • 3 print sources cited in MLA Format in works cited.
    • one source must come from Gale
    • every time you state a fact in your paper, you should back it up with a citation
  • Formal writing is required: no first person, no contractions.

For more guidance, read these instructions and view a sample paper.

Possible sources to search for information:

Goods sources for engineering projects:

Application for Mini Research Grant


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