College is Wasted on 18-Year-Olds: A Guide to College

There are a few things I didn’t say that I wish I would have.

First, don’t believe me. Be skeptical of everything I tell you, think about it critically, and come to your own conclusions. I’m just one person speaking from my experience and impressions. I am undoubtedly giving you at least some bad advice. You just have to figure out what that bad advice is because I think all of this is right.

Second, the counter-argument to my “go to the free school” stance is that better schools will provide more intelligent peers. Having smarter classmates will make your experience more enjoyable and enriching. The value of the relationships you will make in college is hard to quantify, but I think the friends I made may be the most important thing I got from school.

Here’s the guide: Mr. Murphy’s Highly Biased and Unscientific Guide to College

The Economic Guide to Picking a College Major


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