Survey Questions, Social Experiment Approval

Email your questions to Mr. Murphy. Your subject line should be in the following format:

Survey Questions – [Social/Cooking/Aquaponics/Electricity/Game Design/etc.] – Last Names

example: Survey Questions – Cooking – Smith, Nguyen


For social experiments only:

This information is required to be added to your research plan and approved by GNOSEF prior to running your experiment.

Email your revised research plans to Mr. Murphy. Your subject line should be in the following format:

Prior Approval – [Social/Cooking/Aquaponics/Electricity/Game Design/etc.] – Last Names

example: Prior Approval – Social – Smith, Nguyen

a. Participants: Describe age range, gender, racial/ethnic composition of participants. Identify vulnerable populations (minors, pregnant women, prisoners, mentally disabled or economically disadvantaged).

b. Recruitment: Where will you find your participants? How will they be invited to participate?

c. Methods: What will participants be asked to do? Will you use any surveys, questionnaires or tests? If so, include your questions or tests. What is the frequency and length of time involved for each subject?

d. Risk Assessment: What are the risks or potential discomforts (physical, psychological, time involved, social, legal, etc.) to participants? How will you minimize risks? List any benefits to society or participants.

e. Protection of Privacy: Will identifiable information (e.g., names, telephone numbers, birth dates, email addresses) be collected? Will data be confidential/anonymous? If anonymous, describe how the data will be collected. If not anonymous, what procedures are in place for safeguarding confidentiality? Where will data be stored? Who will have access to the data? What will you do with the data after the study?

f. Informed Consent Process: Describe how you will inform participants about the purpose of the study, what they will be asked to do, that their participation is voluntary and they have the right to stop at any time.


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